Executives, including producers, managers, directors and organizational leaders, worked behind the scenes to make TV and radio broadcasts happen. A number of talented women rose to the upper echelons of their fields in the early years of broadcasting. World War II had a significant impact on some women's opportunities, as many stations on the "home front" found themselves suddenly dependent on female labor. After the war was over, many of these women were able to retain their jobs, or to move on to others in the field, based upon the abilities and the skills that they had acquired.

Fran Harris-Tuchman portrait
Fran Harris-Tuchman TV
Writer, producer, wartime TV technician, advertising executive who produced the first TV commercial for the Barbie doll
Lee Lawrence portrait
Lee Lawrence Radio/TV
Researcher & producer, worked with Dave Garroway at NBC-TV on the "Today" show and "Wide Wide World"

Edythe Meserand portrait
Edythe Meserand Radio "Musical Clock Girl," radio newscaster, founding president of American Women in Radio& Television (AWRT)

Betty Ramey portrait
Betty Ramey Radio
Co-founded and managed WRKL in NY, hosted controversial news show, art teacher, civil libertarian
Helen Sioussat portrait
Helen Sioussat Radio/TV Producer, CBS director, talk show pioneer, Peabody Award winner, author, songwriter