Taking a Leading Role
Portrait of Mildred Funnel

Mildred Funnell

Mildred Funnell (1901-1977) gained her first taste of radio fame in 1933 as "Evalena," Lum's girlfriend, on the highly successful radio comedy show "Lum & Abner." Later, she achieved great longevity as a Cleveland-based talk show host of both radio and television.

She hosted WTAM radio's "Women's Club of the Air," before going on to co-host her own radio show, "Mildred and Gloria," and its television counterpart, "The Idea Shop," with Gloria Brown. Brown and Funnell's on-air partnership lasted for 11 years. Funnell concluded her broadcasting career by hosting a series called "Take Five" over WJW radio in Cleveland in 1959.

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