Performers in the early years of broadcasting used the opportunities provided by novel genres of entertainment (such as talk programs, soap operas, comedies or drama series) to carve out their own unique niches within the new media. With the rise of radio and TV, many singers, actresses and entertainers chose to adapt their talents to suit the new formats and technologies. Some of these women went on to become producers or executives, while others remained faithful to their artistic crafts throughout their careers.

Irene Beasley portrait
Irene Beasley Radio
Singer, songwriter, and host of the long-running musical quiz show, "Grand Slam"

Martha Brooks portrait
Martha Brooks Radio/TV
Actress, writer, radio interviewer, and television pioneer in the 1930's

Pegeen Fitzgerald portrait
Pegeen Fitzgerald Radio
"The First Lady of Radio Chatter" broadcast daily shows from her NYC apartment for 40 years

Mildred Funnell portrait
Mildred Funnell Radio/TV
Radio interviewer, television hostess and actress who played "Evalena" on radio's "Lum & Abner"
Betty Garde portrait
Betty Garde Radio/TV
Multi-talented actress, played "Aunt Eller" in the original Broadway cast of "Oklahoma!"

Helen Faith Keane portrait
Helen Faith Keane TV
Educator, television hostess, Golden Mike Award winner and collegiate athlete

Fran Norris portrait
Fran Norris TV
"Aunt Fran," Ohio pioneer of children's TV and purveyor of playmates
Inga Rundvold portrait
Inga Rundvold TV
Television hostess, model, newspaper columnist, and woman of many hats
Julie Stevens portrait
Julie Stevens Radio/TV
Leading actress who starred for over 15 years in the radio soap "The Romance of Helen Trent"