Today: McKeldin 10:00AM - 09:00PM

Art Library 

Evacuation Procedures

It is the responsibility of the Art Library Floor Marshal to coordinate the following actions:

In an emergency situation, when the fire alarm goes off or there is some other emergency,  clear the library of all patrons.  When there are two staff members present, one should clear the main floor, and the other should clear the mezzanine. 

Keep people calm and moving towards the exits of the library.  Patrons may exit the library using either the regular doors, or the emergency exit doors.  The goal is to get people out of the building as quickly and calmly as possible.  Do not worry about checking bags for library materials.

Staff should take personal belongings (backpacks, purses, keys, etc.) with them when leaving the library.  Lock the library doors after everyone has been evacuated (unless the fire or emergency is located in the library, then the doors should be left open to give emergency personnel access).  Leave the building by the main doors facing the Benjamin Building.

If a patron refuses to leave the building, the floor marshal should call the police department at 911 so they can deal with the situation.

Staff members should wait outside the building, close enough to be in sight of the doors, but far enough away to be out of danger, so they can get back into the building quickly if/when the emergency is over. 

Please see floor marshal list for current Art Library floor marshals. When a designated floor marshal is not present, student assistants serve as floor marshals.