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Bomb Threats

  1. After receiving a bomb threat by phone or in writing, call 911 (or #3333 if using a cell phone) and relay the information about the call or the written material. (This specific information will help the 911 operator assess the risk factor.)
  2. If it seems to be an immediate threat, the 911 operator will advise to evacuate immediately. If evacuating the building, floor and unit marshals should follow building evacuation procedures.
  3. Alert the Dean's Office at 5-9128 and the Public Services Office at 5-9251 or use the Emergency Telephone numbers if during evenings or weekends.
  4. If the building is not immediately evacuated, it is the University Police's practice to send officers who will give management options if that is viable (evacuation, notifying patrons if staying open, etc.).
  5. If the officers decide to evacuate the building or to notify library users of the threat, library staff may be asked to help.