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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Building Evacuations

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  • Call UMPSD at 911 from land lines or #3333 from cell phones and identify the reason for evacuation,i.e., fire, electrical outage. Land lines are preferable in order to allow first responders to locate the building.
  • Meet police at agreed upon location to direct the police to the problem.
  • Notify the Dean's Office (x5-9128) and Public Services Office (x5-9251) of the situation.
  • Staff assigned as floor marshals should go to the designated area of assignment. It is essential that marshals go in person and do thorough checks. Marshals will assist in clearing the building or other duties as assigned by the person in charge.
  • In the case of fire or other emergency, keep people calm and moving towards the front, back and side emergency exits. The goal is to get people out of the building as quickly and calmly as possible. Do not worry about checking bags for library materials. At the front entrance, use the emergency gates.
  • In cases of an electrical outage, all patrons should be ushered to the front doors to leave the building. See the page for Electrical Power Outage.
  • Patrons needing or requesting special assistance will be aided by a floor marshal. In some libraries, a floor marshal will flash lights on all floors to alert deaf staff and patrons that there is an emergency situation. All libraries are equipped with strobe lights that flash when the alarm is activated. Wheelchair users who need assistance on ground floors will be aided by a floor marshal in exiting the building. Wheelchair users on upper level floors will be guided to designated ventilated areas (marked by blue "Area of Rescue Assistance" signs), told where they are being left and assured that emergency personnel will be informed of their current location.
  • Staff should take personal belongings, i.e. purses, etc., with them when evacuating and staff should lock their offices.
  • Keep people clear of elevators.
  • Floor marshals will assist with crowd control and move people away from the building once outside.
  • Person in charge waits at front exit until all floor marshals report that building is clear.
    Staff will be called into the building first before patrons are allowed to enter. To facilitate staff re-entry, staff should gather near the staff/loading dock entrance.
  • If a patron or staff member refuses to leave the building, the floor marshal should tell the person in charge so that the police or fire authority can deal with the situation.
  • Person in charge notes incident in Log Book.
Campus Libraries Evacuation Plans
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EPSL Library
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McKeldin Library
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White Memorial (Chemistry) Library