Today: McKeldin 08:00AM - 08:00PM

White Memorial Chemistry Library

Evacuation Procedures

It is the responsibility of the Chemistry Library Floor Marshal (or Student Assistant[s] on duty if no Floor Marshal is present) to coordinate all the following actions until trained Fire & Rescue professionals can take over the situation:

 1. Activate the building alarm box in the hallway just outside the front doors of the Library. Call UMPD at 911 and identify reason for evacuation (i.e., fire, electrical outage)

 2. Flick the lights 3 times to alert deaf patrons that there is an emergency situation.

 3. Check to make sure no one is trapped in the elevator. Do NOT use the elevator.

 4. Keep people calm and moving towards the front exit of the Library or to the stairwell emergency exits to get out of the building. Do not worry about checking bags for library materials. Assist with crowd control and move people away from the building once outside.

 5. Close all Library doors; do not lock to give emergency personnel access. When fire or smoke present, keep low to the floor. Before passing through any door, feel it. If it is hot, do not open it, stay in the room or find another exit. If trapped, call 911 and give room number.

 6. Staff should take personal belongings, i.e., purses, keys, etc., with them when evacuating. If a patron refuses to leave the building, the floor marshal should call the police department at 911 so they can deal with the situation.

 7. Notify the Dean’s office (5-9127 or 5-9128) and Public Services (5-9251) of the situation at the Library.

 8. Note the incident in the Log Book at the Circulation Desk when the building is cleared for re-entry. During the regular Library business hours the Floor Marshals for the Chemistry Library are Alla Balannik and Peter Armstrong. At all other times, student assistants at the Circulation Desk are Fire Marshals.