Today: McKeldin 10:00AM - 09:00PM

Electrical Power Outage

  1. With a power failure, the security sensor will not work. All patrons should be stopped before exiting to be sure that library materials have been checked out properly.
      a. ask patron if he/she has any library materials; ask patron to open book bag, tote bag, etc. and pull out materials. 
      b. if patron needs to check out materials, have him/her step back to the Circulation Desk. Depending on the situation and the estimation of the time of the power outage, materials will be checked out manually.
  2. Designated person will call Work Control at x5-2222 and UMPD at x5-3555. In each branch, a staff member should be assigned to serve as the designated person in charge for day, evening or weekend hours.
  3. Notify the Dean's Office (x5-9128) and the Public Services Office (x5-9251) during business hours. For weekends and evenings, based on anticipated length of power outage as determined by Work Control, designated person should call the Dean at home. If Dean cannot be reached, call the Director of Public Services Division, then Director of Administrative Services Division. Based on the decision, either to close library or await further information and instructions.
  4. If it is determined by library administration and/or UMPD that the building should be evacuated for the safety of patrons and staff for the length of the power outage, floor marshals should help evacuate patrons by directing them toward the front of the library. If elevators are affected by the power outage, evacuation procedures are the same as those described under "Fire" in the Safety and Security Guidelines.
  5. Floor marshals should check rest rooms, elevators and all other areas without emergency lighting.
  6. If an early closing is announced by Library Administration, staff should proceed with closing procedures. Make notation in Log Book.