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Elevator Entrapment

  1. If a staff member is aware that a patron or staff member is trapped in the elevator, try to ascertain what floor the person is on. 
  2. Try to communicate with those in the elevator and tell them to stay calm.  Tell them to use the push button phone in the elevator that will connect them directly with Work Control. Tell them not to pry the doors open or to try to leave the elevator. 
  3. Call Work Control at x5-2222 to make sure the call from the elevator went through. Stay by the elevator or assign someone to do this and talk with the person trapped in the elevator. 
  4. Call UMPD at x5-3555 and follow their instructions.  If UMPD is coming to the library,  meet them at an agreed upon location to direct them to the problem. 
  5. Report incident in the Log Book.