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Evacuation Procedures 

In an emergency situation (fire alarm, power outage, bomb threat, etc.), floor marshals will proceed to their assigned floors and begin evacuating patrons. Patrons must exit using the stairwell. The elevator is not to be used in the case of fire or other emergency. Floor marshals should check to make sure no one is trapped in the elevator. If the stairwell within the library is inaccessible, the fire doors opening into the math building should be used and patrons should exit down the math building stairwells.

Keep people calm and moving towards the exits of the library. For patrons on the first, second and third floors, they should exit via the front entrance of the library. Once patrons are outside they should proceed down the staircase and exit the double doors leading to the courtyard. In case of fire or power outage, do not worry about checking bags for library materials. Patrons on the ground floor may exit through the emergency exit doors located on that floor and walk to the courtyard.

In case of fire - Floor marshals should flash lights to alert hearing impaired staff and customers that there is an emergency situation. For people in wheelchairs, most elevators are designed to stop running when the alarm is sounding and are not safe during fires. It may not respond or it may shut down in a fire, leaving them trapped. Some exit stairwells are intended to keep out smoke and fire and serve as a primary area of refuge. In EPSL, the stairwell is fire proof and is the only enclosed stairwell in the Math Building that can be used as a refuge.

If people with mobility impairments cannot exit, the floor marshal should move them to a safer area, e.g., the enclosed stairwell or an office with the door shut which is a good distance from the hazard and preferably has a phone. Emergency personnel should be alerted to the location of anyone who is left in an area of refuge as soon as possible. If neither of those options is viable and the person is on an upper level, use the fire doors into the Math Building to move the person as far from the fire as possible, and preferably into an office or other enclosed area. If they are on the ground floor take them out of the emergency exit into lot E*.

Staff should take personal belongings, i.e., purses, keys, etc., with them when evacuating and lock their offices (unless the fire or emergency is located in their office, in which case the door should be left open to give emergency personnel access).

If a patron refuses to leave the building, the floor marshal should call the police department at 911 so they can deal with the situation. Use the phone at the Information desk or the Circulation Desk as you are exiting the library.

Note the incident in the Log Book at the Circulation Desk when the building is cleared for re-entry.

Note the incident in the Log Book at the Circulation Desk when the building is cleared for re-entry.

*Floor marshals for EPSL are:
    Floor Marshal / Back-up(s)
  1. Ground floor:
    Nedelina Tchangalova
  2. First floor:
    Pinar Beygo, Karyna Swistak
  3. Second floor:
    Donna Beatley, Pat DeLaubenfels
  4. Third floor:
    Nevenka Zdravkovska, Robin Dasler

During weekends and evening hours, the staff and student assistants at the Circulation Desk are the floor marshals and should split the floors amongst themselves.