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Illness or Injury

The Library does not provide first aid or medical treatment. Non-emergency situations should be referred to the Health Center. The Center phone number is 4-8184

  1. If a staff member becomes aware that a patron or fellow staff member is ill or injured and requires assistance, assistance should be sought as soon as possible. In any such situation, whether life threatening or not, call or have someone call UMPD at 911 on a land line, or #3333 from a cell phone, and follow their instructions. Someone should stay with the ill/injured person until the UMPD arrives; do not leave the person unattended. 

    Another staff member should meet the UMPD to direct them to the location of the ill or injured person. 

  2. If a patron or staff member declines assistance, have person sign the Log Book that assistance was refused. If patron refuses to sign Log Book, staff member should so note.