Today: McKeldin Open 24 Hours. Campus ID Required 11pm-8am

Lost and Found

  1. Any items found should be turned in to the Lost and Found Desk as soon as possible and recorded in the Lost and Found log with the following information: 

    a. Date that the property is turned in 
    b. Time that the property is turned in 
    c. Name of the person who accepted the property 
    d. Information about the item: what it is, where it was found 

    The staff member who finds an item or receives a "found item" from a library user is responsible for recording the item in the Lost and Found Binder.  The Lost and Found Binder-log in McKeldin is kept at the Information Desk.
  2. Attach a note with the current date to the item itself.
  3. If the property has money, such as a wallet, or is deemed to be of considerable value (for example: keys, cell phones, and calculators), log the material as in (1), hold for one hour then call the UM Police Department 5-3555 to ask an officer to come to the library to take custody of the property.
  4. If the found item is a UM identification card, mail the ID to the Registrar's Office in the Mitchell Building. McKeldin lost and found practice is to hold the IDs for a week before photocopying the front of the card and then hand deliver the card to the Mitchell Building.

    We hold those photocopies in the front of the Lost and Found Binder-log; this record permits more accurate response to users reporting lost cards.  If the ID is non-UMCP, mail the ID to the UM Police Department Logistics Division.

  5. If someone comes to the Lost and Found to claim an item, note in the Lost and Found Binder-log the date and time that the item is picked up.  Have the person sign the log to indicate receipt. If the signature is difficult to read, please ask the user to legibly print their name. 

    When releasing found ID cards, be sure to compare the photo on the card to the user.

    Cell phones can be difficult to identify/claim with accuracy.  If someone comes and reports a lost cell phone, ask them to call their cell phone number to see if the "found" phone rings.

  6. All lost and found items are held for thirty days and then disposed of by service desk staff.