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McKeldin Library

Evacuation Procedures

  1. When staff member discovers a fire or when a fire is reported, or any other emergency that will require evacuation, pull the nearest fire alarm.
  2. Call UMPD at 911 from land lines or #3333 from cell phones and identify the reason for evacuation,i.e., fire, electrical outage. Land lines are preferable in order to allow first responders to locate the building. Assign a staff member to wait at agreed upon location to direct Emergency Responders to location of problem.
  3. Floor marshals should evacuate their assigned areas and the library, but do not take any undue risks.
  4. Wheelchair users and mobility impaired individuals who need assistance on ground floors will be aided by a floor marshal in exiting the building. Wheelchair users on upper level floors will be guided to designated ventilated areas (marked by a blue "Area of Rescue Assistance" sign), told where they are being left and assured that emergency personnel will be informed of their current location.
  5. Keep people calm and moving towards the nearest emergency exits. The goal is to get people out of the building as quickly and calmly as possible. Do not worry about checking bags for library materials. If a patron refuses or is unable to leave the building, floor marshal should report location of patron to person in charge so the police or fire department can deal with the situation once they are in the building.
  6. Floor marshals will assist with crowd control and move people away from the building once outside.
  7. Person in charge waits at front exit until all floor marshals report that building is clear. When permitted to reenter the building, staff will be called into the building first before patrons are allowed to enter. To facilitate staff re-entry, staff should gather in a pre-determined location.

 Staff members are not expected to use a fire extinguisher. A staff member should only attempt to extinguish a fire if the fire is small, he/she is trained in the use of a fire extinguisher and confident that one extinguisher will put out the fire, there is an exit near the staff member for escape, and the fire department has been called. Do not put yourself at risk.

The doors between the east and west wings in McKeldin will automatically close when the fire alarm is sounding. These doors will stay closed until the alarm system has been reset.

Because elevators are inoperable, stairwells must be used to exit McKeldin during a fire evacuation. The exhaust fans in the stairwells turn on automatically and fresh air is pumped in for exiting library users, library staff and wheelchair users waiting for assistance from emergency personnel.

Helping Disabled Patrons During and Evacuation from McKeldin

  • On the first floor in McKeldin, people with wheelchairs or other significant mobility impairments should be assisted to the wing opposite from the fire and then evacuated.
  • On upper floors in McKeldin, people with wheelchairs or other significant mobility impairments should be assisted to the wing opposite from the fire and then left in a designated ventilated stairwell where they will be met and transported by emergency personnel. (Note: Do not attempt to use the elevators. They are inoperable in emergencies).
  • Let the wheelchair user know which stairwell they are located in and assure them that you are reporting their location to emergency workers. (Do not attempt to move a wheelchair down the stairs. Let emergency personnel handle this).
  • In the west wing of McKeldin, the northwest and southwest stairwells (on the corners of the building) or the central stairwell should be used. In the east wing of McKeldin, either the stairwell at the front of the building or the north central or south central stairwell should be used. The ventilated stairwells are marked with a blue "Area of Rescue Assistance" sign. (Floor marshals should be familiar with all stairwell locations and designations and be able to communicate them to emergency personnel).

The Fire Department turns off the main fire alarm when the situation is under control and the building is safe for re-entry.

The annunciator panel at the McKeldin Exit Desk will sound as well because people are exiting through the fire doors. The system can not be reset until the fire alarm system has stopped sounding.

Please see floor marshal list for current McKeldin Library floor marshals.