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Medical Emergencies

There is no official campus policy for medical emergencies. The Libraries' intent is to recommend procedures for staff to address emergency medical situations.

1. In the event of a medical emergency, 405-3333 or 911, should be called. This call reaches the dispatcher at the UM Police Station who calls for the Fire Department's Medic Unit, and  immediately sends campus police who are qualified to provide first aid. The person calling 405-3333 is asked to provide exact location by room number (staff in immediate vicinity should arrange escorts at entrances to guide police and ambulance teams) as well as a description of the victim's condition (e.g., breathing, bleeding, pulse). Please note that the Campus Health Center is not equipped to handle life-threatening medical emergencies. 

2. If there is time before the police or medic unit arrives, first aid (including CPR, if necessary) may be administered by staff who have made a voluntary decision to do so. The Good Samaritan Act in Maryland affords legal protection to those who administer emergency care to the best of their ability. 

3. The Libraries' Human Resources Office (LHRO) should be notified of any action which has occurred. LHRO will contact the next of kin, if appropriate. Unit supervisors may be required to fill out and submit Workers' Compensation forms through the Human Resources Office at a later time. 

The Libraries will use administrative travel funds to pay registration for any regular or Contingent II employee who wishes to take the Red Cross First Aid or Adult CPR courses at the campus Recreation Center.


Effective June 21, 1993 
Supersedes none 

Suggested revisions to any Administrative Memo should be addressed to the Assistant Dean for Administrative Services.