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Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library (MSPAL)

Evacuation Procedures

I.   Quick Reference Guide

II. After the Emergency is Over

III. Staff Contacts, Floor Marshals

IV. Detailed Procedures



In the event that fire alarms sound or a building emergency requires evacuation, the first priority is to remain calm.  All staff and student employees in MSPAL should consider themselves part of a team responsible for the safe evacuation of the building.  When speaking to the public, remind them that the building is being evacuated for their safety.  No one is obligated to risk their own safety during an evacuation; dangerous situations are best left for the professional fire and rescue personnel who will arrive.

All Staff & Student Employees
  • All Employees: Leave work areas, quickly proceed to the nearest emergency exit
  • Supervisors: sweep work areas, assist anyone still in building
  • Supervisors: if floor marshal is absent, sweep public areas (See Below)
  • All Employees: Once outside, discourage any unauthorized entry into building
  • Saturdays and in the absence of full time staff: Front desk staff assume responsibilities of floor marshals
Floor Marshals (SCPA Curator, Circulation/Reserves Supervisors)
  • Sweep public areas and public bathrooms
  • Remind anyone they encounter that building evacuation is for their own safety
  • After clearing floor, report to Head of MSPAL or present senior staff member
  • Inform emergency personnel if anyone is still in the building
  • Evenings/Weekends:  Use exterior phone near split between the two garages by stadium to call 911

Front Desk Staff (Circulation/Reserves Supervisors, Music Librarian, Theater/Dance Librarian
  • If alerted to emergency situation, call 911
  • Assist Reading Room patrons with exit
  • Do not lock doors
  • Intercept anyone entering building, tell them MSPAL is closed
  • If front doors are blocked, use emergency exit in break room

IPAM Staff

  • Escort patrons immediately through the back door and use safest exit on either side.
  • 4 emergency exits: back door, emergency exit near Seminar room, emergency exit in first floor break room, front doors of MSPAL.

SCPA Staff

  • Escort patrons immediately through the safest emergency exit.
  • 4 emergency exits: emergency exit in first floor break room, front doors of  PAL second floor back door, emergency exit near Seminar room.



When the fire department and/or police gives the "all clear," a MSPAL floor marshal or Head of MSPAL will announce that library staff ONLY may re-enter the building.  Floor marshals or MSPAL staff will remain at the front doors to prevent the public from entering.  Library staff should proceed to their areas to secure doors, library materials, etc.  After three minutes, the floor marshals will announce that the building is open.


Safety & Security Committee Members in MSPAL

There are currently no MSPAL staff members on this committee. 

 Floor Marshals in MSPAL

  • Mary Scott 5-9223
  • Steve Henry 5-9256
  • Vin Novara 5-9220
  • Bruce Tennant 5-9218

Facilities Personnel in CSPAC / Libraries Staff (in MCK)

  • Bob Smith 5-9340
  • Bill Hess 5-9054
  • Work Control

    • --5-2222


    Front Desk Staff & Students

    • In any emergency, your personal safety is most important. In an extreme emergency, exit the building and try to find a way to call 911 outside the building.  There is an exterior phone near split between two garages by stadium.
    • The procedures outlined here apply if, in your judgment, the situation is safe enough to remain in the building for a few minutes to assist with the evacuation.
    • If you see or smell flames, smoke, fumes, etc.

    1. Call nearest member of the MSPAL staff for advice. If no MSPAL staff members are present, alert Bob Smith (5-3240). If you cannot find any of these individuals and you believe the situation require immediate action, call 911 and then evacuate the Reading Room through the nearest and safest exit. The front doors are the first choice for the first floor; the emergency exit doors by the Seminar room are the first choice for the second floor.
    2. Pull the fire alarm located near the front door and book-drop closet and announce to any patrons that they must leave the library.
    3. Observe patrons leaving room to see if they are carrying any collection materials.
    4. Exit Reading Room using one of four exits: front doors, emergency exit doors in Break room, second floor back door, or the emergency exit doors near Seminar room.  If possible, use same exit as patrons.
    5. Do not lock the doors.
    6. After leaving the building, proceed to grass island in front of CSPAC and report to Mary Scott, Steve Henry, Connie Mayer, Vin Novara, or any MSPAL staff member for further instructions.
    7. If alarms sound, strobes activate, and intercom message announces evacuation.
    • If there was a prior announcement from facilities staff about a test of the alarm system, tell patrons they may stay in the room.
    • If a test was not announced tell patrons that they must evacuate the building and proceed with steps 3 thru 6 above.
    • Announce to patrons that they must evacuate the building and proceeds with steps 3 thru 6 above.

    Please see floor marshal list for current MSPAL floor marshals. When a designated floor marshal is not present, student assistants serve as floor marshals.