Today: McKeldin 10:00AM - 09:00PM

Unattended Children

  1. Talk to the child and find out who he/she is with, the child's name, and the last place he/she was with parent/legal guardian.
  2. Look for parent/legal guardian.
  3. If parent/legal guardian cannot be found, notify the UMPD at 911 (or #3333 if using a cell phone). Meet the police at an agreed upon location or assign another staff member to do this so the police can be directed to the waiting child.
  4. Wait in the area where child is found until police arrive. 
  5. Record incident in the Log Book.


Note: In McKeldin, if a child is with a parent/legal guardian and is being noisy and appears to be disturbing others, ask the patron to ask child to be quiet. Crayons are kept at the Service Plus Information and Research Desk and can be offered with paper to the child to keep them busy. If after discussion with the parent/legal guardian the child continues to be noisy and disruptive, refer situation to a supervisor.