Today: McKeldin 08:00AM - 08:00PM

Water Damage

  • Notify Work Control at 5-2222 and give the exact location and extent of situation. An assigned staff member should meet Work Control at agreed upon location to direct them to the location of the problem. Notify UMPD at 911 (or #3333 if using a cell phone) if so directed by Work Control. 
  • Evacuate and isolate the flooding area and keep people clear of the area. 
  • Notify the Facilities Manager at 5-9054 and the Preservation Department at 5-9343.
  • Notify Division Director, Branch or Unit head, and any other staff as appropriate for the situation. 
  • Sprinklers may activate the fire alarms in which case, evacuate the building. 
  • During the evenings and weekends, follow the Emergency Telephone List in LIBI.