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Solutions for Browser Problems with ELMS Canvas

For Faculty & Students:

If ELMS is not prompting you to load Course Reserves in a new window,

here are some work arounds to access Course Reserves depending on the browser you're using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox are supported).  STUDENTS, notify your professor of the problem accessing Course Reserves and that they can fix the accessibility by editing the Course Reserves tool to load in a new tab (instruction for professors below). 


Internet Explorer

IE Workaround (Showing all content)

1.       Click the Course Reserves link.


2.       Click the "Show all content" button in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. IE_securecontent

3.       You must do this each time you use Course Reserves *There may be a way to create a local exception on your computer so you don’t have to do this each time.



 Chrome Workaround (blank Course Reserves screen)


1.       Go to the address bar at the top of the Chrome browser.  


2.      Select the shield and a drop down menu will appear.  Select "Load unsafe script" and then click "Done". 



Firefox Workaround (Disabling page protection)

NOTE: Firefox should work for students and instructors without these workarounds after the course in Reserves is set up (I.E. The Instructor or TA selected the "Create Course" button after clicking the Course Reserves link in the course for the first time). The "Create Course" button does not work in Firefox unless you use one of the two workarounds listed here. Please note, an instructor can use another browser such as Chrome to create the course first and use Firefox afterwards if they choose.

1.       Click the Course Reserves link and then the Create Course button.

2.       A Security Warning box will appear.  Click "Continue". 



3.       A shield icon will appear at the top left of the browser window next to the URL. 


4.       Select the shield icon, click the drop down menu arrow next to "Keep Blocking", and select "Disable Protection on This Page".

5.       Click the "Create Course" button again and the problem should be resolved.


For Faculty:

If you or your students encounter issues accessing Course Reserves, please configure the Course Reserves tool to load in a new tab/window by following the instructions below. 

NOTE: If you have not set up the Course Reserves tool in the Libraries module, please follow the instructions to create the module and make Course Reserve items available. 

1.       Hover the mouse over the line that has the Course Reserves link. On the far right, select the pencil icon.


2.       A pop up will appear.  Place a checkmark in the tab labeled, “Load this tool in a new tab,” and select the "Update" button.


3.       Select the "Course Reserves" link.

4.       Select "Load Course Reserves in a New Window". This will create a new window where Course Reserves should be accessible.