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Adding Course Reserves to ELMS/Canvas

To Add Course Reserves in ELMS/Canvas:

1. Login to ELMS/Canvas:




2. Hover the mouse over the "Courses" or "Courses & Groups" tab and select your course from the drop down menu.




3. Select the "Settings" tab from the left navigation menu.




4. Select the "Navigation" tab on the page that loads.  




5. A list of available tab options will appear.  The first list of tabs (text is blue) is currently in the left navigation menu for your course.  To add a "Course Reserves" tab to the existing left navigation menu, click and drag the greyed out "Course Reserves" tab that is in the second list of optional (". . .hide from students") tabs. Once you have the desired order of left navigation tabs, SAVE THE CHANGES by selecting the blue "Save" button below the tab options.  

7. Once you have saved the changes to the menu, the "Course Reserves" tab will appear. 
IMPORTANT LAST STEP: In order to add items to Course Reserves, you must select/open the "Course Reserves" tab, then select the semester from the drop down menu that appears on the subsequent page.  Once the correct semester is selected, click the "Create Course" button to finish the process. 
*You only need to complete this last step once.  All subsequent instances when you select the "Course Reserves " tab, the page will load with all Course Reserve items you have placed on hold through the Course Reserves system. For information on adding items to Course Reserves, use our tutorial



  The new "Course Reserves" tab can be used by you and your students to access Course Reserves directly. 



If the "Course Reserves" button appears in the left navigation menu, you've successfully added Course Reserves access to your course.  You must make this change to the left navigation menu for each individual course you teach. Please be sure to publish your Canvas course to ensure your students can see it.

To learn more about the Course Reserve system, please view our Information for Instructors or contact Reserves Staff.