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Withdrawal and Transfer Policy for the General Collections

Maintaining the quality and usefulness of the collections is a central goal and responsibility of the Libraries. Associated with that responsibility is decision-making regarding which materials are accurate, current, and relevant, and which should be withdrawn or transferred. The withdrawal of unwanted items and the storage of infrequently used items will relieve overcrowded shelves, increase ease of access and improve the efficiency of retrieving materials. Library materials will be considered for removal or relocation from the collection if they fall within one or more of these categories:

  • multiple copies available (trigger: 2 or more copies, especially with low aggregate circulation)

  • superseded editions, provided that newer editions incorporate important information from earlier editions

  • lack of circulation (trigger: if the item has not circulated in the past ten years)

  • obsolete physical format

  • poor physical condition, or damaged beyond usefulness

  • lacking historical value

  • ephemeral materials that are not easily accessed or bound

  • textbooks (generally not to be included in the collection)

  • paper copy or bound periodicals for which there is a viable online alternative, or which are covered by a more durable format (e.g., microfilm or CD-ROM), or for which UM Libraries has cooperative collection agreements.