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  1. ATLA Religion Index

  2. Description: [mobile version]
    Provides abstracts and indexing for articles, essays, and book reviews in over 1550 journals and multi-author works dealing with religious and theological scholarship. International in scope and language coverage. Covers all types of religions.
  3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=reh
  4. Category/Subcategory:
    • Arabic Studies/Research
    • Arabic Studies/ALL
    • Classics/All
    • History-U.S and Canada/Scholarly Journal Articles, Books, etc
    • Jewish Studies/Jewish Studies Research
    • Jewish Studies/All databases
    • Persian Studies/Research
    • Persian Studies/All
    • Politics and Public Policy/Theory/Political Philosophy
    • Politics and Public Policy/All databases
    • Religion/Religion Research
    • Religion/All databases
    • Slavic and East European Studies/Slavic Studies Research
    • Slavic and East European Studies/All databases
  5. Vendor: EBSCO Publishing
  6. Coverage: Covers a wide range of academic areas including anthropology, philosophy, business, psychology, history, religion, law, sociology, medicine, and theology.
  7. Time Span: 1949 to present. Selected records going back to 1818.
  8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions