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  1. LexisNexis Academic

  2. Description: Full-text database that offers a wide range of news, political, legal, business, and reference information in full-text format. Primary source of newspaper articles, including those from the Washington Post and the New York Times. Federal code, regulations, and case law, plus state codes and case law are also included.
  3. Host URL:
  4. Category/Subcategory:
    • African American Studies/All
    • Architecture/Articles and Indexes
    • Architecture/All databases
    • Business/Accounting
    • Business/Company Analysis
    • Business/Finance/Investing
    • Business/Human Resource Management
    • Business/Industry Analysis
    • Business/International Business
    • Business/Marketing
    • Business/All databases
    • Communication/All
    • Criminology and Criminal Justice/All
    • Dance/Dance
    • Dance/All databases
    • Environmental Studies/Environmental Law
    • Environmental Studies/All databases
    • General/Multidisciplinary/All
    • Historic Preservation/Articles and Indexes
    • Historic Preservation/All databases
    • Journalism/All
    • Law/General
    • Meteorology/All
    • Newspapers/News Sources (Current)/Sources with Multiple Titles
    • Newspapers/News Sources (Current)/All
    • Politics and Public Policy/Environment/Law/Health/Education
    • Politics and Public Policy/All databases
    • Real Estate Development/Articles and Indexes
    • Real Estate Development/Current Events and Trends
    • Real Estate Development/Law, Policy and Standards
    • Real Estate Development/All databases
    • Theatre/Play Reviews
    • Theatre/All databases
    • Urban Planning/Articles and Indexes
    • Urban Planning/Current Issues and Standards
    • Urban Planning/All databases
  5. Vendor: Lexis/Nexis
  6. Coverage: Covers news, business, legal research, medical and reference information