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  1. LION (Literature Online) Literary Texts Subset

  2. Description: A full text collection of over 350,000 works of poetry, drama, and prose written in the English language from the 8th century to the present with complementary criticism and reference resources. Includes English poetry from the 8th century to the present, American, African-American and Canadian poetry from 1603 to the present, The Faber Poetry Library, English fiction from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, American fiction from 1789-1875, non-fictional literary prose in English from the 16th to the early 20th centuries, English drama from 1280 to 1915, and American drama from 1762 to 1860.
  3. Host URL:;jsessionid=3DEA870A3AEE39C126E32EB77B18C044?initialise=All
  4. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
  5. Coverage: Works of English and American literature, literary criticism and biographies.
  6. Time Span: 8th century to the present.