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  1. American Jewish Committee Online Archive

  2. Description: Founded in 1906, in response to the Kishinev pogroms in Russia, the American Jewish Committee soon became a leader in combating bigotry and extremism, promoting civil rights and interreligious understanding, advocating for Jewish security worldwide, and defending the State of Israel. The Archive offers a rich, varied, and extensive collection of materials in print, on film, and tape, and The American Jewish Year Book, 1899-2005.
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  4. Coverage: Turn-of-the-century pogroms; Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic propaganda campaign; World War II pro-democracy radio campaigns; the struggle for civil rights; Israel advocacy; Vatican II and Catholic-Jewish relations; the movement to free Soviet Jewry; the current battle against terrorism and Islamic extremism - examine all these topics and many more.
  5. Time Span: 1906 to present