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  1. Bibliography of the History of Art

  2. Description: The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) contains abstracts and indexes of current publications in the history of art, including scholarly journals, conferences, book, exhibition reviews, and exhibition catalogues. The records consist of bibliographic citations, abstracts, and indexing; abstracts may be in English or in French, index terms (descriptors) are in both English and French.
  3. Host URL:
  4. Vendor: Getty Research Institute
  5. Coverage: Major areas of coverage include European art from late antiquity (4th c. A.d.) to present, American art from European discoveries to present, traditional fine arts, decorative and applied arts, prints, drawing, and sculpture, folk and industrial art, archaeology, architecture and design, theater and festivals, painting and photography, performance art, aspects of material culture of interest to art historians, art reflecting western tradition in Asia, Africa, and Australia.
  6. Time Span: 1975-2009; continued by International Bibliography of Art