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  1. Gartner Group

  2. Description: NOTE: Use of The Gartner Group requires login with University ID and is restricted to only UMCP current staff and students. Gartner Group is a leading provider of market research reports, specializing in the information technology (IT) industries. Gartner provides statistics, forecasts and market analysis on all categories of Information Technology. It covers vendors, end-users, technology, markets and trends.
  3. Host URL:
  4. Category/Subcategory:
    • Business/Human Resource Management
    • Business/Industry Analysis
    • Business/Information Technology (IT)
    • Business/Marketing
    • Business/Small Business
    • Business/All databases
    • Economics/Data Sources
    • Economics/All databases
    • Engineering/Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Library and Information Studies/Related
    • Library and Information Studies/ALL database
  5. Coverage: Computer technology and telecommunications including application development software, client systems, electronic business technologies, enterprise networking, financial industry technologies, global networking services, healthcare application software, information management & multimedia, information security, LANs & internetworking, operating systems, software directories, and voice networking systems
  6. Time Span: 1995 - present, with focus on new and current information