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  1. American Chemical Society
    1. Database Name: American Chemical Society
    2. Description: A comprehensive collection of chemistry journals available through the American Chemical Society.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: American Chemical Society
    6. Coverage: Chemistry
    7. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  2. American Decades Primary Sources
    1. Database Name: American Decades Primary Sources
    2. Description: Cross-disciplinary source spanning the 20th century. Each volume in the set includes full or excerpted primary sources representing the seminal issues, themes, movements and events from a decade. Includes oral histories, songs, speeches, advertisements, TV, play and movie scripts, letters, laws, legal decisions, newspaper articles, cartoons, recipes, and more.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Gale
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  3. American Drama (LION)
    1. Database Name: American Drama (LION)
    2. Description: Full text of plays from the colonial period to the beginning of the twentieth century.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: American drama.
    6. Time Span: From the colonial period to the beginning of the twentieth century.
    7. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  4. American Factfinder
    1. Database Name: American Factfinder
    2. Description: Population, Housing, Economic, and Geographic data from the Census Bureau. Also includes maps, statistics, fact sheets and other publications.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  5. American History in Video
    1. Database Name: American History in Video
    2. Description: Provides the largest and richest collection of video available online for the study of American history, with 2,000 hours and more than 5,000 titles on completion. The collection allows students and researchers to analyze historical events, and their presentation over time, through commercial and governmental newsreels, archival footage, public affairs footage, and important documentaries.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Alexander Street Press
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  6. American Indian Histories and Cultures
    1. Database Name: American Indian Histories and Cultures
    2. Description: This collection of digitized manuscripts, works of art, recent American Indian newspapers, rare books, photographs, and maps, drawn from the Edward E. Ayer Collection at the Newberry Library, Chicago, documents American Indian life over four centuries.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  7. American Jewess, 1895-1899
    1. Database Name: American Jewess, 1895-1899
    2. Description: The American Jewess (1895-1899) described itself as "the only magazine in the world devoted to the interests of Jewish women." It was the first English-language periodical targeted to American Jewish women, covering an evocative range of topics that ranged from women's place in the synagogue to whether women should ride bicycles.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Founded and edited by Rosa Sonneschein (1847-1932), it offered the first sustained critique, by Jewish women, of genera inequities in Jewish worship and communcal life. Assembled and digitized by the Jewish Women's Archive, this digital reproduction of the 8 volumes of The American Jewess was assembled from the collections of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Klau Library, Brandeis University Libraries, the Library of Congress, and the Jewish Women's Archive.
    6. Time Span: 1895-1899
  8. American Jewish Committee Online Archive
    1. Database Name: American Jewish Committee Online Archive
    2. Description: Founded in 1906, in response to the Kishinev pogroms in Russia, the American Jewish Committee soon became a leader in combating bigotry and extremism, promoting civil rights and interreligious understanding, advocating for Jewish security worldwide, and defending the State of Israel. The Archive offers a rich, varied, and extensive collection of materials in print, on film, and tape, and The American Jewish Year Book, 1899-2005.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Turn-of-the-century pogroms; Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic propaganda campaign; World War II pro-democracy radio campaigns; the struggle for civil rights; Israel advocacy; Vatican II and Catholic-Jewish relations; the movement to free Soviet Jewry; the current battle against terrorism and Islamic extremism - examine all these topics and many more.
    6. Time Span: 1906 to present
  9. American Memory
    1. Database Name: American Memory
    2. Description: Gateway to primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States including text, photos, books and manuscripts, sheet music, and video and sound recordings.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: The Library of Congress
    6. Coverage: The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.
  10. American National Biography
    1. Database Name: American National Biography
    2. Description: ANB online features thousands of illustrations, more than 80,000
      hyperlinked cross-references, links to select web sites, and powerful
      search capabilities.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Oxford University Press
    6. Coverage: American National Biography (ANB) offers portraits of more
      than 17,400 men and women whose lives have shaped the nation.
    7. Time Span: Updated quarterly.
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions