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  1. Biological Sciences
    1. Database Name: Biological Sciences
    2. Description: Provides access to scientific literature from over 6000 serials, conference proceedings, technical reports, monographs and selected books and patents. Biotechnology and Bioengineering Abstracts.
    3. Host URL: http://search.proquest.com/biologicalscience/acco
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08649
    5. Vendor: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
  2. BioMed Central
    1. Database Name: BioMed Central
    2. Description: Biomed Central is an STM (Science Technology and Medicine) publisher of peer –reviewed open access journals. The portfolio of journals spans all areas of biology, biomedicine and medicine, and includes broad interest titles, such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine alongside specialist journals, such as Retro virology and BMC Genomics. All original research articles published by BioMed Central are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication.
    3. Host URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/search/results.asp?
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08607
    5. Vendor: BioMed Central Ltd.
    6. Coverage: Subjects: biochemistry, bioinormatics, biology, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, genomic, immunology, microbiology, molecular biolgoy, neurosciences, physiology, planat physiology, structural biology.
    7. Time Span: 2001-present
  3. BioOne
    1. Database Name: BioOne
    2. Description: This BioOne bibliographic database is an indexed and fully-searchable collection of abstracts that link to the fulltext articles available from the BioOne organization. BioOne provides a unique aggregation of over 82 high-impact bioscience research journals from more than 66 publishers. Additional publishers and journals will be added over time. These titles are produced by societies and non-commercial publishers and a majority were previously available only in printed form. BioOne was developed by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), the University of Kansas, the Greater Western Library Alliance, and Allen Press. The organization is committed to a non-profit objective of disseminating important, scholarly information focused on the biological, ecological and environmental sciences by recovering costs while ensuring sustainability. More information can be found at www.bioone.org.
    3. Host URL: http://search.proquest.com/bioone?accountid=14696
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08130
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  4. BIOSIS Previews
    1. Database Name: BIOSIS Previews
    2. Description: Provides access to the life sciences literature from more than 5,500 journals, books, conference proceedings, US patents, papers and posters, nomenclature rules, and taxanomic keys.
    3. Host URL: http://isiknowledge.com/biosis
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD04170
    5. Vendor: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
    6. Coverage: Provides access to the traditional areas of biology, such as botany, zoology and microbiology, as well as related fields such as biomedical, agriculture, pharmacology and ecology. Interdiscplinary fields such as medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering and biotechnology are also included.
    7. Time Span: 1970 to present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  5. Biotechnology & Bioengineering Abstracts
    1. Database Name: Biotechnology & Bioengineering Abstracts
    2. Description: This database provides bibliographic coverage of ground-breaking research, applications, regulatory developments and new patents across all areas of biotechnology and bioengineering, including medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental and marine biology
    3. Host URL: http://search.proquest.com/biotechnologyabstracts?accountid=14696
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD01677
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Biotechnology and bioengineering, including medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental and marine biology.
    7. Time Span: Updated Monthly
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Search Hints: ISBNs must be searched as they appear in the record (with or without hyphens).

      Subject searches include titles and abstracts in the search.

      Author names appear in different formats. Try searching for Last, First or Last, F
  6. Biotechnology Research Abstracts
    1. Database Name: Biotechnology Research Abstracts
    2. Description: Indexes publications covering agricultural products, both plant and animals, new applications across the food industry, and wide-ranging environmental developments. Plant genome studies are examined in detail.
    3. Host URL: http://search.proquest.com/biotechresearch?accountid=14696
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD03635
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Major areas of coverage include: biochemical applications in water treatment, pollution, and industrial hygiene, biopesticides, bioremediation in oil and chemical spills, breeding techniques, cell culture, fermentation, genetic engineering, new product approval, patents, soil microorganisms, transgenic plants and animals, treatment and disposal of waste and sewage, and vaccines.
    7. Time Span: 1993- present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  7. Birds of North America Online
    1. Database Name: Birds of North America Online
    2. Description: A standard reference source for biological information on North American birds.
    3. Host URL: http://bna.birds.cornell.edu/BNA/
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD05347
    5. Vendor: Cornell University
    6. Coverage: A standard reference source for biological information on North American birds.
    7. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  8. Black Abolitionist papers, 1830-1865
    1. Database Name: Black Abolitionist papers, 1830-1865
    2. Description: Online full-text primary source collection is the first to comprehensively detail the extensive work of African Americans to abolish slavery in the United States prior to the Civil War.
    3. Host URL: http://bap.chadwyck.com
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD07922
    5. Vendor: Proquest Chadwyck-Healey
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  9. Black Drama: 1850 to Present
    1. Database Name: Black Drama: 1850 to Present
    2. Description: Database of full-text African-American plays written from the mid-1800s to the present by playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. Includes extensive indexing, production and performance information, images and more.When complete, Black Drama will contain the full text of 1,200 plays. Many of the works are rare, hard-to-find, or out of print. Nearly a quarter of the collection will consist of previously unpublished plays by writers such as Langston Hughes, Ed Bullins, Willis Richardson, Femi Euba, Amiri Baraka, Randolph Edmonds, Zora Neale Hurston, and many others.Each play is extensively and deeply indexed, allowing both keyword and multi-fielded searching. The plays are accompanied by reference materials, significant ancillary information, a rich performance database, and images
    3. Host URL: http://solomon.bldr.alexanderstreet.com/
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD01764
    5. Vendor: Alexander Street Press
    6. Coverage: Covers African-American drama. Useful for production information and theatre history.
    7. Time Span: 1850 to the present.
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  10. Black Literature Criticism: Classic and Emerging Authors since 1950
    1. Database Name: Black Literature Criticism: Classic and Emerging Authors since 1950
    2. Description: Information about leading authors from many nations, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Algiers, Haiti, the United States and more. Includes biographical sketches, critical and historical reception of each author's work, comprehensive notes and expansive lists of additional materials for further study.
    3. Host URL: http://find.galegroup.com/openurl/openurl?url_ver=Z39.88-2004&url_ctx_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:ctx&req_dat=info:sid/gale:ugnid:umd_um&res_id=info:sid/gale:GVRL&ctx_enc=info:ofi:enc:UTF-8&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:book&rft_id=info:sid/gale:bmcode:recid/1PPP
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD07634
    5. Vendor: Gale
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions