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Database by Subject Category: See Research Port, College Park only

Found 98 items.


  1. EBSCO eBook Collection
    1. Database Name: EBSCO eBook Collection
    2. Description: A collection of E-texts covering topics specifically chosen by Maryland Academic Libraries.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Collection strengths include computer science, business, international relations, education, environmental science, psychology, and civil rights law and history.
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  2. EBSEES: European Bibliography of the East European Studies
    1. Database Name: EBSEES: European Bibliography of the East European Studies
    2. Description: The EBSEES (European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies) covers European scholarship on Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. It contains bibliographic records for journal articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, and selected government publications.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: 1991-Present
    6. Time Span: all periods
  3. Ecology Abstracts
    1. Database Name: Ecology Abstracts
    2. Description: Provides access to the scientific journal literature in ecology and environmental sciences.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Includes literature on evolutionary biology, economics, and systems analysis as they relate to ecosystems or the environment.
    7. Time Span: 1982-present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Search Hints: Subject searches include titles and abstracts in the search.

      ISBNs appear in some records with hyphens and in others without hyphens. Try searching for the ISBN with hyphens in the appropriate places and without any hyphens.

      Author names can be found in different formats. Try searching on "Last, First" OR "Last, F I" to find all variations of an author's name.
  4. EconLit
    1. Database Name: EconLit
    2. Description: [mobile version]
      EconLit is a reliable source of citations and abstracts to economic research in over 400 books, journals, dissertations, and working papers.
    3. Host URL:,uid&defaultdb=ecn&profile=ehost
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Coverage: Provides comprehensive information on accounting, capital markets, econometrics, economic forecasting, government regulations, labor economics, monetary theory, urban economics
    7. Time Span: 1969 to present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Search Hints: Do not attempt to search on authors by truncating the first name. Last, F? will often result in zero hits. Try searching on Last or Last, First

      ISSNs and ISBNs are not searchable in this database.
  5. Economist Historical Archive (1843-2010)
    1. Database Name: Economist Historical Archive (1843-2010)
    2. Description: The Economist Historical Archive delivers a complete searchable copy of every issue of the Economist from 1843 to 2006. With a global circulation of more than 1.2 million, The Economist has consistently delivered a highly intelligent and comprehensive report of international political, business, scientific, technological and cultural developments, with dispatches from all over the world. Includes mew full-color images, multiple search indexes, exportable financial tables, a gallery of front covers, supplements, special reports and surveys.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Gale Group / InfoTrac
    6. Time Span: 1843-2006
    7. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  6. Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare (LION)
    1. Database Name: Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare (LION)
    2. Description: Full text of 11 major editions, 28 separate contemporary printings of individual plays and poems, selected apocrypha and related works, and over 100 adaptations, sequels and burlesques.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Editions and adaptations of works of William Shakespeare.
    6. Time Span: 1591-1911
  7. Education in Video
    1. Database Name: Education in Video
    2. Description: Online streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. More than 1,000 video titles totaling 750+ hours of teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms give education students a way to observe the intricacies of behavior, tone, facial expression, and body language that define effective teaching styles.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Alexander Street Press
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  8. Education Index Retrospective
    1. Database Name: Education Index Retrospective
    2. Description: A bibliographic database of more than half a century of indexing from an international range of English-language periodicals. Subjects Covered: Adult Education, Arts, Athletics, Comparative Education, Continuing Education, Distance Learning, Elementary Education, Government Funding, Higher Education, Language Arts, Library Science, Literacy Standards, Multicultural/Ethnic Education, Parent-Teacher Relations, Preschool Education, Religious Education, School Administration, Science & Mathematics, Secondary Education , Special Education, Student Counseling, Teacher Education, Teacher Evaluation, Teaching Methods, Vocational Education.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  9. Education Research Complete (EBSCO)
    1. Database Name: Education Research Complete (EBSCO)
    2. Description: This resource has now been replaced by Education Source.
    3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eue
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO Publishing