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  1. Education Source
    1. Database Name: Education Source
    2. Description: Around 1,800 journals (full-text) and over 550 books and monographs in the field of Education. Access to conference papers and indexing and abstracts from thousands of journals. Book reviews and article citations (roughly 5 million).
    3. Host URL: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eue
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08754
    5. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  2. EI Village (Compendex)
    1. Database Name: EI Village (Compendex)
    2. Description: Engineering Village 2 is a Web-based information service that offers a wide range of quality resources for information specialists, professionals, and researchers working in the applied science and engineering fields
    3. Host URL: http://www.engineeringvillage2.org/
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD01912
    5. Vendor: Elsevier Engineering Information (Ei)
    6. Coverage: It is a comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database with engineering journals, conference materials, Physics Abstracts, Electrical & Electronics Abstracts and Computer & Control Abstracts.
    7. Time Span: 1970- the present. Updated weekly
  3. Eighteenth Century Collections Online
    1. Database Name: Eighteenth Century Collections Online
    2. Description: The Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Parts I and II) is a full-text searchable digital database of over 180,00 English-language and foreign-language titles printed in the United Kingdom during the 18th century, along with thousands of works from the Americas. It includes a variety of materials, from books and directories, Bibles and sheet music to sermons and advertisements, Includes both well-known and lesser-known authors and canonical titles of the period as well as contemporary works that analyze and debate those same titles.
    3. Host URL: http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/umd_um?db=ECCO
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD05382
    5. Vendor: Gale Publishing
  4. Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Artemis Interface)
    1. Database Name: Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Artemis Interface)
    2. Description: The Artemis interface enables cross-searching between the following Gale primary source collections: Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Making of Modern Law, Making of the Modern World, and Sabin Americana. It also offers textual analysis tools such as term clusters and term frequency.
    3. Host URL: http://gdc.galegroup.com/gdc/xsearch?u=umd_um
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08746
  5. Eighteenth Century Fiction (LION)
    1. Database Name: Eighteenth Century Fiction (LION)
    2. Description: Full text of 96 works in English prose by writers from the British Isles from the period 1700 to 1780.
    3. Host URL: http://collections.chadwyck.com/ecf/search
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD03311
    5. Vendor: Chadwyck-Healey (ProQuest Company)
    6. Coverage: English literature.
    7. Time Span: 1700 - 1780
    8. Notes: http://collections.chadwyck.com/ecf/htxview?template=basic.htx&content=frameset.htx
  6. Eighteenth Century Journals Portal
    1. Database Name: Eighteenth Century Journals Portal
    2. Description: Rare printed journals, periodicals and newspapers of the long Eighteenth century (1680-1820) from the Bodleian Library at Oxford, the British Library, and other prominent collections. All items are full-text searchable.
    3. Host URL: http://www.18thcjournals.amdigital.co.uk/contents/list_section.aspx
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD08348
    5. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  7. EIU Country Commerce
    1. Database Name: EIU Country Commerce
    2. Description: EIU Country Commerce is a full-text database that contains regulations, operating conditions and corporate practices in 60 countries. Good place to start when doing business in other countries.
    3. Host URL: http://www.eiu.com/index.asp?layout=displayPublication&publication_type_id=480000248
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD01782
    5. Vendor: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
    6. Coverage: Covers different disciplines: Economics, Business, Political Science and Law
    7. Time Span: Current year.
  8. EIU Country Finance
    1. Database Name: EIU Country Finance
    2. Description: Comprehensive full-text database that covers the world's main financial systems, including banking and associated services, government policies and regulations for 47 countries. Graphs of key figures
    3. Host URL: http://www.eiu.com/index.asp?layout=displayPublication&publication_type_id=280000228
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD06399
  9. EIU ViewsWire
    1. Database Name: EIU ViewsWire
    2. Description: EIU ViewsWire is a full-text country news daily that provides analysis and forecast information on worldwide politics, economics, business strategies & conditions and market trends in almost 200 countries.
    3. Host URL: http://www.viewswire.com/
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD01781
    5. Vendor: Economic Intelligence Unit
    6. Coverage: Covers different disciplines: Economics, Business, Political Science and Law
    7. Time Span: Daily news on current year.
  10. Electronic Blue Book of Building
    1. Database Name: Electronic Blue Book of Building
    2. Description: Since 1913, The Blue Book of Building and Construction has been the construction industry's premier information source. The Blue Book provides easy access to continually updated information for each of The Blue Book's regional editions.
    3. Host URL: http://thebluebook.com/
    4. Direct URL: http://www.lib.umd.edu/dbfinder/id/UMD04308
    5. Coverage: current; updated continuously