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  1. MAS Ultra School Edition (EBSCO)
    1. Database Name: MAS Ultra School Edition (EBSCO)
    2. Description: [mobile version]
      This database contians full text for nearly 500 popular high school magazines. MAS Ultra also provides more than 350 full text reference books, 84,774 biographies, 100, 544 primary source documents and an image collection of 235, 186 photos, maps and flags. Updated daily.
    3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=ulh
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Notes: .
    7. Search Hints: ISBNs are not part of a searchable field in this database.

      Do not attempt to search on authors by truncating the first name. Last, F? will often result in zero hits. Try searching on Last or Last, First
  2. MasterFILE Premier
    1. Database Name: MasterFILE Premier
    2. Description: [mobile version]
      Provides abstracts and indexing for 2,650 general periodicals. Full text of articles for nearly 2,000 periodicals, and 5,000 full text Magill Book Reviews.
    3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=f5h
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Coverage: Multidisciplinary subjects including general reference, business, education, health, general science, multi-cultural issues, biography, and travel.
    7. Time Span: 1975-present
    8. Search Hints: ISBNs are not searchable in this database.
  3. Masterplots
    1. Database Name: Masterplots
    2. Description: Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
    3. Host URL:¤tPage=1
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Salem Press
  4. Material ConneXion's Materials Library
    1. Database Name: Material ConneXion's Materials Library
    2. Description: The Material ConneXion database provides unlimited access to images, detailed material descriptions, usage characteristics, and manufacturer/distributor contact information written by a expert material specialists. It is a resource for all design development disciplines, including: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Materials Science, as well as Exhibition, Fashion, Industrial, Interior, Packaging, Retail, Textile and Transportation Design. This library contains over 6,500 cutting-edge materials in these categories: Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Cement-based, Natural, Carbon-based, and Processes.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  5. Materials Business File
    1. Database Name: Materials Business File
    2. Description: Focuses on industry news, international trade data, government regulations and management issues related to the metals and materials industries. Citations for this database are pulled from 2,000 journals, plus patents, dissertations, government reports, conference proceedings, and books indexed by expert editors from Materials Information.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Recycling, Health and Safety issues, Economics, Alloy and Material Developments, Company information, New material developments, Energy Usage, Fuel, Energy Usage, Raw Materials, Recycling, Plant Developments and Descriptions, Engineering, Control and Testing, Machinery, Environmental Issues, Waste Treatment, Health and Safety, Product and Process Developments Applications, Competitive Materials, Substitution, Management, Training, Regulations, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Resources and Reserves, World Industry News, Company Information, General Issues [from the CSA Fact Sheet]
    7. Time Span: 1985-present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Search Hints: ISBNs must be searched as they appear in the records. Try searching for ISBNs with and without hyphens in this database.

      Subject searches include titles and abstracts in the search.

      From the first screen of the database, one may click on “CHANGE SUBJECT AREA”, then select “MATERIALS SCIENCE” to search other similar databases simultaneously for needed information
  6. Materials Research Database with METADEX
    1. Database Name: Materials Research Database with METADEX
    2. Description: Abstracts from journal articles, conference papers, patents and more on metals, metallurgy and materials science.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Steel, Microstructure, Strength, Refining, Casting, Coatings, Heat Treatment, Metal Matrix Composites, Nonferrous metals, Corrosion, Extracting and Smelting, Blast Furnaces, Machining, Welding, Testing and Analysis, Environmental and Safety Issues [from the CSA Fact Sheet]
    7. Time Span: 1966-present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  7. Materials Science Collection
    1. Database Name: Materials Science Collection
    2. Description: Sources covered include over 3,000 periodicals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Proquest
  8. MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the Web
    1. Database Name: MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the Web
    2. Description: Covering mathematical literature since 1940 this international database provides bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature from 1700 current journals, books and other original documents.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: American Mathematical Society
    6. Coverage: Books, journals, and proceedings in the field of mathematics.
    7. Time Span: 1940-present
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Search Hints: ISSN and ISBN searches are not available in this resource.
      Some of the citations are linked to the full text in online journals.
  9. MD Consult
    1. Database Name: MD Consult
    2. Description: MD Consult provides access to over 30 medical texts, articles from more than 40 clinical journals, practice guidelines, drug information, and 2,500 patient education handouts.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Elsevier
    6. Coverage: Covers all areas of medicine
    7. Time Span: 1997 to present
  10. Md. Attorney General Opinions
    1. Database Name: Md. Attorney General Opinions
    2. Description: Online access to the text of Attorney General Opinions. 1993 to present.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Time Span: 1993 - present