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  1. Middle East Online: Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970
    1. Database Name: Middle East Online: Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970
    2. Description: Over 200,000 pages of primary source documents from the British Foreign Office, Prime Minister’s Office, and the War Office.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Gale
  2. Middle East Online: Iraq 1914-1974
    1. Database Name: Middle East Online: Iraq 1914-1974
    2. Description: Iraq 1914-1974, offers a broad range of original source material from the British Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office and Cabinet Papers covering the period from the Anglo-Indian landing in Basra in 1914 through the British Mandate in Iraq of 1920-32 to the rise of Saddam Hussein in 1974, including photographs, colour maps and contemporary film.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  3. Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies (MECAS)
    1. Database Name: Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies (MECAS)
    2. Description: Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies™ (MECAS) is a systematic and non-evaluative bibliographic index of research, policy and scholarly discourse on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.
      This database contains more than 475,000 records. Over 15,000 records of recently published and grey literature are added annually. Subject coverage includes: political affairs & law, international relations, economic affairs - business & industry, cultural heritage, arts & humanities, society & social welfare, ethnic diversity & anthropology, significant religious events & movements and recent history (1900 - present) & archaeology.
      MECAS includes the following: Middle East Bibliography (1946 - 2001), Middle East Book Bibliographies, Theses & Dissertations, MECAS Citations Database and School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) Library Catalogue (1900 - present).
    3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=fxh
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    7. Search Hints: Do not attempt to search on authors by truncating the first name. Last, F? will often result in zero hits. Try searching on Last or Last, First
  4. Middle English Compendium
    1. Database Name: Middle English Compendium
    2. Description: Offers access to and interconnectivity between three major Middle English electronic resources: an electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary, a HyperBibliography of Middle English prose and verse, based on the MED bibliographies, and a Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, as well as links to an associated network of electronic resources.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: University of Michigan
    6. Coverage: Useful for the study of Middle English language, literature, history and culture.
    7. Time Span: 1100-1500
    1. Database Name:
    2. Description: is an Internet-based news service. It offers a daily email newsletter of concise. Translated briefs covering some of the key political, cultural, economic and opinion pieces appearing via the print, radio and television media of the 22 Arab countries.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  6. Military & Government Collection
    1. Database Name: Military & Government Collection
    2. Description: [mobile version]
      Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military, this database offers full text for nearly 300 journals, periodicals, and U.S. government documents. The database also includes full text for 245 pamphlets and offers indexing and abstracts for nearly 400 titles. Many full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO
    6. Coverage: Coverage includes defense, military technology, global security, and foreign affairs.
    7. Time Span: 1990 - present
  7. Mintel
    1. Database Name: Mintel
    2. Description: To download reports, authorized users are required to create a personal account. Mintel provides full-text reports on a wide range of market research studies, analyzing market sizes and trends, market segmentation, consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, opportunities, weaknesses and the future of the market.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Mintel International Group Ltd.
    6. Coverage: The reports cover the United States and feature such industries as: food service, food, drink, pursuits/hobbies, travel, clothing/fashion, health/medical, beauty/personal, household, services, publishing, automotive, and e-commerce.
    7. Time Span: From 1994-present
  8. MLA Directory of Periodicals
    1. Database Name: MLA Directory of Periodicals
    2. Description: [Host URL:
    3. Direct URL:
    4. Vendor: EBSCO Publishing
    5. Coverage: Useful to identify publication venues and to learn how to contact staff of thousands of international literary magazines and journals.
    6. Time Span: Current information about the journals and magazines listed.
  9. MLA International Bibliography
    1. Database Name: MLA International Bibliography
    2. Description: [mobile version]
      Indexes journals, books, essay collections, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies published worldwide in the areas of literary criticism, language, linguistics, rhetoric, and folklore of all countries.
    3. Host URL:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=mzh
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: EBSCO Publishing
    6. Coverage: Literary criticism, language, linguistics, rhetoric and folklore of literatures of all countries. Database also includes the MLA Directory of Periodicals.
    7. Time Span: Indexing back to 1920's.
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  10. Modern Arab Renaissance Collection - Kotobarabia Arabic eBooks
    1. Database Name: Modern Arab Renaissance Collection - Kotobarabia Arabic eBooks
    2. Description: This exclusive electronic archive consists of over 3,000 books published from 1820-1914 across the Islamic World, with special focus on Egypt and Syria. Subject coverage includes sciences and humanities: philosophy, theology, literature, arts, history and politics. Content is in Arabic. Search interface can be switched between English and Arabic, and both include a virtual Arabic keyboard for easy text input.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL: