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  1. TAIR
    1. Database Name: TAIR
    2. Description: The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) maintains a database of genetic and molecular biology data for the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Note: Certain features on this site (commenting on genes or loci, registering a new mutant gene symbol) require setting up a free user name and password. Data available from TAIR include the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene product information, gene expression, DNA and seed stocks, genome maps, genetic and physical markers, publications, and information about the Arabidopsis research community. Gene product function data is updated every week from the latest published research literature and community data submissions. TAIR also provides extensive links to other Arabidopsis resources.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Phoenix Bioinformatics Corporation
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  2. Talmud Yerushalmi Online
    1. Database Name: Talmud Yerushalmi Online
    2. Description: This site eventually will include the entire Yerushalmi in the format of audio classes. Much of the Yerushalmi has already been uploaded. The website also contains much additional helpful material and links concerning Talmud Yerushalmi.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Talmud Yerushalmi
  3. Testing & Education Reference Center
    1. Database Name: Testing & Education Reference Center
    2. Description: Testing & Education Reference Center provides users with in-depth information on colleges and universities, graduate and professional programs, distance learning, corporate training, available scholarships and awards, and preparatory entrance tests. Available online practice tests include entrance exams, certification and licensing tests. Graduate school online pactice tests include GRE, LSAT, MCAT and MAT. There are even international tests covering TOEFL and TOEIC. The Career Module consists of the Career Assessment, the Resume Builder and the Virtual Careers Library. The Career Assessment helps users map a career path through a brief multiple-choice exam , which matches their answers to job categories, industries, and occupations that are most suitable to them. The Resume Builder helps users build outstanding, appealing resumes based on the stage of their career and type of position they are applying for. The Virtual Careers Library provides resume, cover letter, and interviewing tips.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  4. Textes de Français Ancien
    1. Database Name: Textes de Français Ancien
    2. Description: Established at the Laboratoire de Français Ancien (University of Ottawa) The base has now a total of about 3 014 389 word occurrences.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Time Span: 12th-15th centuries
  5. Theatre in Video
    1. Database Name: Theatre in Video
    2. Description: Streaming video collection of plays and documentaries. Includes "world's most important plays", live television broadcasts of New York productions in the 50s, contemporary revivals of classic works and experimental performances from the 60s and 70s, and multiple productions of some plays. Interviews with directors, designers, writers, and actors along with excerpts of live performances. Browse by genre, artist, time period, place, and other fields. Features include creating playlists and video clips of specific scenes, monologues, and staging.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Alexander Street Press
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
  6. Theses & Dissertations Catalog
    1. Database Name: Theses & Dissertations Catalog
    2. Description: The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Union Catalog will serve as a repository of rich graduate educational material contributed by a number of member institutions worldwide. The hope is that this project will increase the availability of student research for scholars, empower students to convey a richer message through the use of multimedia and hypermedia technologies and advance digital library technology worldwide.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
  7. Thomas
    1. Database Name: Thomas
    2. Description: Provides full text of the United States Congress legislation; Congressional Record, committee information, and historical documents.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: An official source of current and historical United States Federal Legislative information.
    6. Time Span: Historical Documents 1774-1873; current coverage dates vary; updated daily when Congress is in sessi
  8. Times Digital Archive
    1. Database Name: Times Digital Archive
    2. Description: The Times Digital Archive provides convenient access to an extraordinary library of back issues of this renowned newspaper online.
      By taking the microfilm collection of The Times (London) and producing a high-resolution digital format with searchable images, The Times Digital Archive represents unprecedented access to one of the most highly regarded resources for the study of 18th century history and onward.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: Gale Group / InfoTrac
    6. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    7. Search Hints: Searching for ISSNs or ISBNs is not supported.

      Truncation in author names is not supported.
    1. Database Name: TOXLINE
    2. Description: Covers all areas of toxicology Including chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, environmetal pollutants, mutagens & teratogens. Covers: bibliographic citations, journals, books, tech. Reports, theses, letters, meetings, proceedings. Produced by U.S. Nat'l Lib. of Medicine.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Vendor: ProQuest Information and Learning Company
    6. Coverage: Air pollution, antidotes, biological & adversse effects of drugs, carcinogenesis via chemicals, chemically-induced disease, envir. Chemicals & pollutants, food additives, genotoxicity, hazardous materials, Health & safety human & animal toxicity, industrial & household chemicals, radioactive materials, risk info., mutagenicity pesticides & herbicides
    7. Time Span: rolling 5-year database, consists of records from the last 5 years plus current year
    8. Restrictions: Terms and Conditions
    9. Notes: Updated monthly @ 500,000 records
    10. Search Hints: Subject searches include titles and abstracts in the search.

      There are no ISBNs in this database.
  10. Trademark Electronic Search
    1. Database Name: Trademark Electronic Search
    2. Description: Index to trademarks filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
    3. Host URL:
    4. Direct URL:
    5. Coverage: Contains more than 3 million pending, registered and dead federal trademarks.
    6. Time Span: As updated