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Klauda, Evan. “Rights of the American Indians and Responsibilities of the English Immigrants during the Colonization of Maryland.” Calvert Historian, 30 (2003): 33-41.
Category: Native American

Klein, Michael J., and J. Sanderson Stevens. "Ceramic Attributes and Accokeek Creek Chronology: an Analysis of Sherds from the Falcon's Landing (18PR131) and the Accotink Meander (44FX1908) Sites." North American Archaeologist 17 (1996): 113-141.

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Category: Native American

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Annotations / Notes: Upper and Lower Marlboro.

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Perreault, Melanie. "First Contact: The Confrontation of Cultures in Early America." Shoreline, 10 (September 2003): 14.

Porter, Frank W. "Backyard Ethnohistory: Understanding Indian Survivals in the Middle Atlantic Region." Virginia Social Science Journal, 17 (November 1982): 41-48.
Category: Native American