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Allen, Gloria Seaman. “Gender Division in Handweaving on Chesapeake Plantations.” Proceedings of the Textile History Forum, (2002): 31-46.

Alley, Dawn, Laura Yerges, Michelle Shardell, E. Jeffrey Metter, Eleanor Simonsick, Foren Snitker, Sari Stenholm, Alan R. Shuldiner, Braxton Mitchell, and Luigi Ferrucci. “Cohort differences in Body Composition in Women: A Comparison of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging and Old Order Amish.” Journal of Women’s Health, 20 (October 2011): 1387.
Category: Medicine | Women

Alvarez, Rafael. “Peachy Keen.” Maryland Life, 7 (July/August 2011): 94.
Annotations / Notes: Peachy DiPietro Dixon
Category: Women

Alvarez, Rafael. “The Patron Saint of Sight.” Maryland Life, 6 (March/April 2010): 95.
Category: Women

Alvarez, Rafael. “The Patron Saint of Sight.” Maryland Life, 6 (March/April 2010): 95.
Category: Medicine | Women

Anderson, George M. "The Civil War Courtship of Richard Mortimer Williams and Rose Anderson of Rockville." Maryland Historical Magazine 80 (Summer 1985): 119-138.
Annotations / Notes: The story of the couple's courtship taken from Williams's writings. Insight is offered into life in Rockville, the county seat, during that period.

Anderson, Karen. Wartime Women: Sex Roles, Family Relations, and the Status of Women during World War II. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1981.

Anderson, Patricia. “Catonsville, Baltimore County.” Maryland Life, 2 (November/December 2006): 144. [photographer Emily Spencer Hayden]
Annotations / Notes: Photographer Emily Spencer Hayden.
Category: Women | Baltimore County

Andrews, F. Ethel. Miss Ethel Remembers. Shady Side, MD: Shady Side Rural Heritage Society, 1991.

Anft, Michael. “A Fired Cop, A Search for Justice.” Johns Hopkins Magazine, 61 (February 2009): 48-49.
Category: Women

Antonelli, Kris. “Standing Pat.” Baltimore, 101 (August 2008): 168-71, 270-71.
Category: Women

Antoniades, Christina. “The Unsinkable Sheila Dixon.” Baltimore, 101 (November 2008): 182-85, 236-39.
Category: African American | Women

Arenz, Peggy. “M. Joyce Zeigler.” American Artist, 67 (January 2003): 59.

Arenz, Peggy. “Martha Hudson.” American Artist, 67 (January 2003): 61.

Arenz, Peggy. “Roberta Seger.” American Artist, 67 (January 2003): 58.

Argersinger, Jo Ann E. Making the Amalgamated: Gender, Ethnicity, and Class in the Baltimore Clothing Industry, 1899-1939. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.

Austin, Page Insley. “Memories of a Woman’s Education During the 1960s.” Shoreline, 18 (June 2011): 8-9.

Ayers, Bonnie Joe. "Sadie Miller." Maryland 17 (Autumn 1984): 39-41.

Aziza, Halima. “Clara Barton: an American Original.” Maryland Life, 8 (October 2012): 35.

Aziza, Halima. “Legendary Ladies.” Maryland Life, 8 (October 2012): 37-47.