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Carr, Lois Green. "The Foundations of Social Order: Local Government in Colonial Maryland." In Town and Country: Essays on the Structure of Local Government in the American Colonies. Edited by Bruce C. Daniels, 72-110. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 1978, pp. 72-110.
Annotations / Notes: The structure, powers and functions of local government, which were established in the seventeenth century lasted well into the twentieth century with only slight changes. Based upon English precedents, local power was vested in a system of county courts, and power was not shared with parish vestries until establishment of the Anglican Church in 1692, and even then the vestry never attained the influence it did in Virginia. For most of this time the justices sitting as a group in the county court exercised executive power. During the instability of the Glorious Revolution, the county courts continued to function. Given the high mortality in the seventeenth century, service was not restricted to men who were wealthy or well connected, although that would change in the next century.

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