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Baker, Maury. "Cost Overrun, An Early Naval Precedent: Building the First U.S. Warships, 1795-98." Maryland Historical Magazine, 72 (Fall 1977): 361-72.

Baker, Nancy T. "Annapolis, Maryland, 1695-1730." Maryland Historical Magazine 81 (Fall 1986): 191-209.
Annotations / Notes: This study describes the first phase in Annapolis's development as an urban center. It covers the period in which the community progressed from a settlement to a city. This period was marked by three patterns of development -- the acquisition of land, a growth in the population, and the town's evolution as a market for imported goods.

Baker, Nancy. "Annapolis, Maryland, 1695-1730." Maryland Historical Magazine 81 (Fall 1986): 191-209.

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Baltz, Shirley V. "Annapolis on the Threshold." Maryland Historical Magazine 81 (Fall 1986): 222-27.
Annotations / Notes: A description of Annapolis as it was when the 1786 Annapolis Convention convened.

Baltz, Shirley V. The Quays of the City: An Account of the Bustling Eighteenth Century Port of Annapolis. Annapolis, MD: Liberty Tree, Ltd. [1975].

Bandel, Betty. "'Every Eye Sparkled, Every Heart Glowed . . .'" Maryland Historical Magazine 83 (Spring 1988): 69-73.
Annotations / Notes: Baltimore celebrates ratification of the Constitution.

Banning, Lance. "Faction and Party in the New Republic: Continuity in the Chesapeake, 1781-1800." Reviews in American History 7 (1979): 499-503.

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Barnes, Brooks Miles, and Barry R. Truitt. Seashore Chronicles: Three centuries of the Virginia Barrier Islands. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1997.
Annotations / Notes: Much of this book captures a mood equally applicable to Maryland's sea islands. I suspect Norwood, in 1650, landed on a Maryland Island anyhow!

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