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Rising Sun, MD, 150th Anniversary: official commemorative volume, 1860-2010. Rising Sun, MD: Back Porch Publications, 2010.

Sketches from Prison: A Confederate Artist's Record of Life at Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp, 1863-1865. [Annapolis, Md.?]: Maryland State Park Foundation, 1990.

Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Painter, Photographer and Prophet in Nineteenth Century America. Baltimore: Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, 1989.

St. Francis Xavier Church Celebrating 125 Years, 1864-1989. Baltimore: the Church, 1989.

Swan Meadow School History, Late 1800's Through 1999. Cumberland, MD: Commercial Press Printing Co., 1999.

The B&O Railroad Museum. A Visitor's Guide. Baltimore: B&O Railroad Museum, Inc., 1994.
Annotations / Notes: More a brief recounting of the railroad's history than a catalog of the collection, this is a useful preview of the first real railroad in America and of one of the country's finest transportation museums.

The Baltimore Plot: The First Conspiracy to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Yardley, PA: Westholme, 2008.

The Body in the Barn: The Controversy Over the Death of John Wilkes Booth Compiled from Articles Presented in "The Surratt Courier." Clinton, MD: Surratt Society, 1993.

The Founding of the Colony: A View from the Nineteenth Century. Baltimore: The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, [1984?].

The Library Quarterly 27 (January 1958): 1-17; (April 1958): 95-121.

The Maryland Jesuits 1634-1833. Baltimore: Maryland Province Society of Jesus, 1976.
Annotations / Notes: Includes chapters by Gerald P. Fogarty, Joseph T. Durkin, and R. Emmet Curran.

The McKaig Journal, a Confederate Family of Cumberland. Cumberland, MD: Allegheny County Historical Society, 1984.

The Public Schools of Prince George's County From the Seventeenth Century to Nineteen Hundred Fifty. N.p.: Prince George's County Maryland Retired Teachers' Association, 1976.

The State Gazetteer and Merchants and Farmers Directory for Maryland and District of Columbia. Baltimore, MD: Sadler, Drysdale, & Purnell, 1871.

Windsor Hills: A Century of History. Baltimore: Windsor Hills Neighbors, Inc., 1995.

“1872 Rules for Somerset County Teachers.” Shoreline, 18 (June 2011): 7.

“An Account of the British Invasion of the Chesapeake Bay, August-September 1814.” Journal of the War of 1812, 9 (Summer 2005): 10-13.

“Champion of the Common Soldier.” Civil War Times, 51 (August 2012): 46-51.

“Fun and Games with George and Rosalie.” Riversdale, (Winter 2012): 1, 12.