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Annotations / Notes: Oriole was once a prosperous Methodist black community whose inhabitants were farmers and watermen. The few remaining residents of Oriole are hoping to revitalize the community through the preservation of St. James Church, once a cornerstone of the community.

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Annotations / Notes: Wennersten's goal is to make the reader understand the distinct society that is the eastern shore through discussion of the area's agricultural life, its race relations, and maritime society. Brief histories are given of some communities and mention made of some influential people.

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Annotations / Notes: The authors examine how Princess Anne Academy on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland developed after 1890 as a state and federally supported land grant school. Like other land grant schools, Princess Anne Academy was neglected by state and federal agencies. This academy was an example of separate education provided for blacks which demonstrated how land grant schools were indeed separate ad unequal.

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Annotations / Notes: A photo essay of the changing lives of the Eastern Shore's peoples focusing on watermen, boat builders, environmentalists, and chicken farmers. Special emphasis is placed on Smith Island and Crisfield. Photographs by Jon Naso and Marion Warren.