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Porter, Frank W. Maryland Indians: Yesterday and Today. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1983.
Category: Native American

Porter, Frank W., III. "Backyard Ethnohistory: Understanding Indian Survivals in the Middle Atlantic Region." Virginia Social Science Journal, 17 (November 1982): 41-48.
Category: Native American

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Porter, Frank W., III. Indians in Maryland and Delaware: A Critical Bibliography, Bibliographical Series, The Newberry Library Center for the History of the American Indian, ed. Francis Jennings. Bloomington: Published for the Newberry Library by the Indiana University Press, 1979.
Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

Reno, Linda. “The Cunningham Murders.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, 52 (Summer 2004): 156-58.
Category: Native American

Rice, James D. Nature and History in the Potomac Country: From Hunter-Gatherers to the Age of Jefferson. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.
Category: Native American

Richter, Daniel K. "`Believing that many of the red people suffer much for the want of food': Hunting, agriculture, and a Quaker construction of Indianness in the early republic." Journal of the Early Republic 19 (Winter 1999): 601-28.

Riley, Elihu S. "The Ancient City." History of Annapolis, in Maryland. 1649-1887. 1887; reprint, Annapolis: Anne Arundel County Bicentennial Commission, 1976.
Annotations / Notes: A reprint of an 1887 work. It is largely arranged by date, presenting important events which occurred in the city during the years. Interspersed amongst these dates are occasional chapters written on a theme, covering a span of years, such as theater, the state house, and "Illustrious Anapolitans." It is very well indexed and includes an abridgement of Father Andrew White's Journal.

Robbins, Charles L. "Seventeenth Century Harford County." Harford Historical Bulletin 62 (Fall 1994): 159-74.

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Ross, Cindy. “Natives on the Nanticoke.” Maryland Life, 6 (January/February 2010): 38- 41.
Category: Native American

Rountree, Helen C. "Powhatan Indian Women: the People Captain John Smith Barely Saw." Ethnohistory 45 (1998): 1-29.

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