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“The UBC Conference.” Third Century Methodism, 52 (Spring/Summer 2012): 5, 8.
Category: Religion

“Three Saints in 2003: After St. Thomas’ St. George’s at St. Paul’s.” News and Notes from the Prince George’s County Historical Society, 32 (March-April 2003): [1-3].

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Category: Religion

“United Methodism 101.” Third Century Methodism, 50 (October-November-December 2010): 1.
Annotations / Notes: Otterbein
Category: Religion | Baltimore City

“Zion Church, Accident, Celebrates 100th Anniversary.” Glades Star, 9 (September 2002): 591-93.
Category: Religion | Garrett County

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McConnell, Catherine Taylor. "Eastern Shore Church with Early Origins in Afro-American Culture Starts a New Life." Maryland Pendulum, Summer 1991, p. 5.

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Category: Religion

[“Freeborn Garrettson.”] Third Century Methodism, 44 (June 2005): 7.

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Category: Religion | Baltimore City

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Adams, Cheryl, and Art Emerson. Religion Collections in Libraries and Archives: A Guide to Resources in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Washington: Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress, 1998.
Annotations / Notes: Institutional level descriptions for nineteen Maryland libraries and archives holding significant religious collections. A tremendous level of detail is given. Subject headings are assigned to each institution. This guide is also available online at

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