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Burgess, Robert H. Chesapeake Sailing Craft. expanded edition. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 2005.
Category: Maritime

Burgess, Robert H. This Was Chesapeake Bay. Centreville, MD: Tidewater, 1963.

Burgess, Robert H., and H. Graham Wood. Steamboats Out of Baltimore. Cambridge, MD: Cornell Maritime Press, 1965.

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Category: Maritime

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Campbell, J. Howard. “The Wreck of the Frolic.” California Territorial Quarterly, 82 (Summer 2010): 25-31.
Category: Maritime

Carman, Lewis R. "Memoirs of a Lighthouse Keeper." Weather Gauge, 36 (Fall 2000): 3-11, 26.

Carmer, Carl. The Susquehanna. New York: Rinehart, 1955.
Annotations / Notes: One of the prestigious "Rivers of America" series, and for Marylanders a book-end volume to Frederick Gutheim's The Potomac. This is popular history at its best: powerfully-written, anecdotal--and what anecdotes! The story of Thomas Cresap is alone worth checking the book out of the library. Covers the downriver ark traffic and the attempts of steamboats to conquer the rocky and unruly Susquehanna.

Carpenter, Harry and Karen Carpenter. “Sandy Douglass and the History of the Flying Scot.” Glades Star, 11 (March 2010): 630-33.

Catton, William H. "How Rails Saved a Seaport." American Heritage 8 (1957): 26-31, 93-95.

Catton, William H. "John W. Garrett of the Baltimore and Ohio: A Study in Seaport and Railroad Competition, 1820-1874." Ph.D. diss., Northwestern University, 1959.

Chapelle, Howard I. "Notes on Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks." American Neptune, 4 (October 1944): 269-304.

Chapelle, Howard I. Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs. St. Michaels, Md.: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, 1979.

Chapelle, Howard I. The Baltimore Clipper. Hatboro, PA: Tradition Press, 1965.
Annotations / Notes: First published in 1930, this is a classic treatment, with drawings and illustrations, of a famous ship developed on the Chesapeake Bay. The author, one of America's most distinguished naval historians, lived for many years on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Chappell, Helen. "Shorewomen." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 23 (December 1993): 30-34.

Chappell, Helen. "The View from a Bridge." Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 22 (July 1992): 30-33.
Category: Maritime

Chaput, Don and Ed Chaput, eds. “Steamer G.A. Flagg: From Glory Cargo to Fertilizer.” Inland Seas, 66 (Fall 2010): 211-20.
Category: Maritime