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Petticord, Michael. “The Fire at Elk Landing.” Cecil Historical Journal, 2 (Winter 2001-2002): 13-17.

Quesenbery, Erika L. United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridge. Images of America series. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2007.

Radoff, Morris L. "The Maryland Records in the Revolutionary War." American Archivist 37 (April 1974): 277-85.
Annotations / Notes: Governmental records are always at risk during times of war. Maryland's records were in an even more precarious position during the Revolutionary War, the Maryland State House was under construction. Radoff discusses the movement of Maryland's records in attempts to keep them safe from harm. Also discussed in the theft of Cecil County land records by British troops.

Reps, John. Tidewater Towns: City Planning in Colonial Virginia and Maryland. Williamsburg, VA: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1972.
Annotations / Notes: Early towns did not generally spring out of nowhere. Town planning was common and an important part of Chesapeake Maryland's colonial history. The government played an active role in the founding and formation of towns. Annapolis and the District of Columbia were unique in that their plans did not resemble those common amongst other English colonies.

Reynolds, George M. "Lighting of Cecil County." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County, 71 (Fall 1995): 1, 4-6.

Reynolds, George M. "Union Hospital of Cecil County." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County, 65 (September 1993): 6-9.
Category: Medicine | Cecil County


Riley, Miriam B. “The Lighthouse at Turkey Point.” Cecil Historical Journal, 4 (Summer 2004): 6-98.

Robbins, Charles L. R. Madison Mitchell, His Life and Decoys. Bel Air, MD: Published by the author, 1987.
Annotations / Notes: A Havre de Grace wood carver.

Roberts, Nancy. "When the Mast Logs Floated to Port Deposit." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County 81 (Spring/Summer 1999): 4-5.

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Robinson, Dorothy. "The Elkton Debating Society." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County. 63 (December 1992): 4-5.

Schroath, Jody Argo. “Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 40 (April 2011): 28-31, 56-59.
Annotations / Notes: Conowingo Dam

Scott, Jane. Between Ocean and Bay: A Natural History of Delmarva. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 1991.

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Shank, Christopher. "Wings Over Hagerstown: Experiencing the Second World War in Western Maryland." Maryland Historical Magazine 88 (Winter 1993): 444-61.
Annotations / Notes: During World War II the growth of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in Hagerstown had a social and economic impact on the community. However, for a variety of reasons the city was not radically changed by this growth. The community was not greatly disrupted. In part, this was because the workers employed by the Corporation were local. There was no large influx of immigrant workers, thus the community did not have to change to meet their needs. Mention is also made of Triumph Industries activities in Elkton.

Smith, Bert. Down the Ocean: Postcards from Maryland and Delaware Beaches. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Annotations / Notes: Arranged by theme and subject -- famous housing, boardwalk, on the beach, life saving. It presents a vivid picture of life at the shore as interpreted through postcards. Includes some illustration on spots on the way -- diners, bridges, etc. Information on the cards themselves is included and adds to the work's usefulness.