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Nine Innings with Cal Ripken Jr., By the People Who Knew Him Best. Dallas, TX: Beckett Publications, 1998.

Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe: The Architectural Drawings. 2 vols. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995.

Portrait and Biographical Records of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Chapman Publishing Company, 1898. Compact disk. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2006.

Praising the Bridge that Brought them Over: One Hundred Years at Indian Head. Indian Head, MD: Naval Ordnance Station, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: The history of the military base, and its surrounding community, as told through photographs and excerpts with interviews from twenty-six individuals. A ten page time line charts events of importance among the Navy at Indian Head, in the town of Indian Head, and national and internationally.

Prince George's Community County: An Oral History Collection by Students of Prince George's Community College. Largo, MD: Prince George's Community College, 1986.

Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Painter, Photographer and Prophet in Nineteenth Century America. Baltimore: Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, 1989.

The American Mission: Maryland Jesuits from Andrew White to John Carroll: An exhibit in the Special Collections Division Georgetown University Library 27 September-29 November 1976.

The Body in the Barn: The Controversy Over the Death of John Wilkes Booth Compiled from Articles Presented in "The Surratt Courier." Clinton, MD: Surratt Society, 1993.

The McKaig Journal, a Confederate Family of Cumberland. Cumberland, MD: Allegheny County Historical Society, 1984.

Women in Maryland Politics. Memphis, TN: Books LLC, 2011.

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