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Boyd, Thomas Hulings Stockton. The History of Montgomery County, Maryland, from its earliest settlement in 1650 to 1879. Clarksburgh, MD [Baltimore, W. K. Boyle & son, printers], 1879; reprint, Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co, 1968.
Annotations / Notes: Written following the American, and the County's, Centennial, this work places special emphasis on land grants and prominent men. Includes a directory of the towns, villages, and residents.

Boyer, Rachel. “A Brief History of Boyer Farms Across Four Generations and Most of a Century, Part II of IV: The Diverse Payroll.” Anne Arundel County History Notes, 40 (Winter 2009): 1-2, 9.

Boyer, Rachel. “A Brief History of Boyer Farms Across Four Generations and Most of a Century, Part III of IV: Women’s Roles and ‘Crowding Us Out’.” Anne Arundel County History Notes, 40 (Spring 2009): 3-4, 10-12.

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Brener, David. "Lancaster's First Jewish Community 1715 to 1804: The Era of Joseph Simon." Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, 80 (Michaelmas, 1976): 211-321.
Annotations / Notes: References to Maryland families.

Brengle, Frances E. and Bette Brengle-Poole. "A Private Cemetery of the Worthington Family." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 23 (Summer 1982): 226-39.

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Brinkley, John J. "The Linsteads of Linstead on the Severn." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 17 (Fall 1976): 195-220.

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Brinkley, John. "A Howard County Cemetery." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 16 (May 1975): 69-72.

Brinkley, John. "Excerpts from the Journal of Thomas Chalkley." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 16 (November 1975): 178-80.

Brinkley, John. "The Seaton Family." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 16 (November 1975): 205-8.

Broadneck Jaycees. Broadneck, Maryland's Historic Peninsula. Annapolis, MD: Fishergate Publishing Co., Inc., 1976.
Annotations / Notes: Broadneck is a former Anne Arundel County hundred, located between the Severn and the Magothy Rivers. This work, published for the American Bicentennial, consists of thirteen essays, written by community leaders and local scholars, on a variety of themes -- education, religion, etc. One essay is the work of former Maryland State Archivist, Morris L. Radoff. Included is a list showing the dates of the area's first families' first residences.

Brooks, Shay. "My Mother's Great Grandfather, Joseph J. Jones, Sr." Calvert Historian 8 (Fall 1993): 24-31.

Brown, Helen W., comp. Prince George's County Maryland: Indexes of Church Registers 1686-1885, 2 vols. N.p.: Prince George's County Historical Society, 1979.
Annotations / Notes: For Protestant Episcopal Church.

Brown, Marshall G. Genealogy of the Harvey Family of Garrett County. Severna Park, MD: The Author, 1975.

Browne, Joseph L. From Sotweed to Suburbia: A History of the Crofton, Maryland Area 1660-1960. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1985.