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Chapelle, Howard I. The Baltimore Clipper. Hatboro, PA: Tradition Press, 1965.
Annotations / Notes: First published in 1930, this is a classic treatment, with drawings and illustrations, of a famous ship developed on the Chesapeake Bay. The author, one of America's most distinguished naval historians, lived for many years on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Chappell, Helen. "Shorewomen." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 23 (December 1993): 30-34.

Chappell, Helen. "The View from a Bridge." Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 22 (July 1992): 30-33.
Category: Maritime

Chaput, Don and Ed Chaput, eds. “Steamer G.A. Flagg: From Glory Cargo to Fertilizer.” Inland Seas, 66 (Fall 2010): 211-20.
Category: Maritime

Chard, Donald F. "The Last Voyage of the Baltimore." Nova Scotia Historical Review [Canada] 7 (1987): 63-70.

Cheezum, Eric Alan. “Discovering Chessie: Waterfront, Regional Identity, and the Chesapeake Bay Sea Monster, 1960-2000.” Ph.D. diss., University of South Carolina, 2007.

Cherrix, Myrna. “Assateague Lighthouse: Icon of the Eastern Shore.” Shoreline, 16 (June 2009): 21-23.
Category: Maritime | Eastern Shore

Chesser, Helen Brown. "St. George Island Memories." Chronicles of St. Mary's 40 (Spring 1992): 98-104.
Annotations / Notes: The memories of a woman who grew up on the Island during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Chisholm, D. “The Long Road to Annapolis: The Founding of the Naval Academy and the Emerging American Republic.” Journal of Military History, 75 (January 2011): 273-74.

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Chowning, Larry S. Chesapeake Bay Buyboats. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 2003.

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Clancy, Paul. “Reviving a Rivalry.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 36 (September 2006): 52-55, 76-79.
Category: Maritime

Clark, Wendy Mitman. “A Tale of Two Lighthouses.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 43 (February 2014): 24-29, 47-48.
Category: Maritime | Medicine

Clark, Wendy Mitman. “A Tale of Two Lighthouses.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 43 (February 2014): 24-29, 47-48.
Category: Maritime

Clarke, Wendy M. Window on the Chesapeake: The Bay, Its People and Places. Newport News, VA: Mariners’ Museum, 2002.

Clarke, Wendy Mitman. “Dream Builder.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 32 (July 2002): 80-83.
Category: Maritime

Clarke, Wendy Mitman. “Family History.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 33 (June 2003): 83-85.
Category: Maritime