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David, Jonathan. "The Sermon and the Shout: A History of the Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware." Southern Folklore Quarterly 51, no. 3 (1994): 241-63.

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Annotations / Notes: Primarily on the political process paralleling environmental change but containing many references to contemporary conditions and problems.

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Davis, Richard Beale. Intellectual Life in the Colonial South 1585-1763, 3 vols. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1978.
Annotations / Notes: Davis's three-volume work surveys the "nature and development of the southern mind" during the colonial period and seeks to counter the standard interpretation of the predominant role of colonial New England in shaping the intellectual life of what would become the new nation. Topics include education, libraries and printing, religious writings, fine arts, literature, and public oratory. The volumes draw extensively on manuscript collections, some only recently discovered, in Britain and the United States, including important Maryland archives; chapters are followed by extensive bibliographies and notes.

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Annotations / Notes: References to Maryland.

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