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Higman, Daniel. “The Fields of Fortune in Colonial Maryland: Part IV: Conclusion.” Anne Arundel County History Notes, 40 (Spring 2009): 5-6, 13-16.

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Category: Agriculture | Archaeology

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Hollifield, William. "Caroline Felix-Part I." History Trails 16 (Winter 1981/82): 5-8.
Annotations / Notes: Letters of Baltimore County farmer William Chapman, 1831.

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Category: Agriculture

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Category: Agriculture

Hulton, Paul. America, 1585: The Complete Drawings of John White. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1984.
Annotations / Notes: These are the first "pictures" of this region, accurately depicting marine, terrestrial and avian species, and both Native Americans and sundry of their crafts. They are widely applicable to the nearby Chesapeake Indians and some drawings may directly depict Bay life because John White explored there during his stay.

Hurry, Silas D. “Hog Killing in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, (Winter 2013): 5-23.

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Jordan, Weymouth T., "Some Problems of Colonial Tobacco Planters: A Critique.” Agricultural History, 43 (January 1969): 83-86.

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Category: Agriculture

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