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Spicer, Patrick P. “Decade of Delay: The Desegregation of Harford County Public Schools—Part I.” Harford Historical Bulletin, 105 (Winter/Spring 2007): 3-55.

Stansbury, Russell. "Biographical Sketch [of] Clayton Crewell Stansbury." Harford Historical Bulletin 15 (Winter 1983): 7-9.
Annotations / Notes: Havre de Grace community leader, ca. 1920-1950.

Sterling, Keir. "Aberdeen Proving Ground: The Early Years (to about July, 1941)." Harford Historical Bulletin, 49 (Summer 1991): 55-79.
Category: Military | Harford County

Sterling, Keir. "Aberdeen Proving Ground: The Early Years (to about July, 1941)." Harford Historical Bulletin, 49 (Summer 1991): 55-79.

Steury, Brent W. “Rare, Threatened and Endangered Vascular Plants of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Harford and Baltimore Counties, Maryland.” Maryland Naturalist, 45 (Summer 2002): 1-12.

Stewart, Frank M. "History of Postal Service in Harford County." Harford Historical Bulletin 55 (Winter 1993): 3-32.

Stewart, James V. "Caroline Stewart, pioneering horsewoman, finally has her story told." Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred (May 1999): 16-17.

Stiverson, Gregory A. and Jacobsen, Phebe R. William Paca: A Biography. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1976.
Annotations / Notes: Visitors to Annapolis mostly associate William Paca (1740-1799) with a handsome house and gardens restored to their original glory. Paca hailed from Harford County, owned extensive property on the Eastern Shore, but moved to Annapolis and emerged as a patriotic leader during the revolutionary era. Elected Governor in 1782, Paca headed a state government that witnessed the final victory over the British. This short biography provides a good introduction to the man and his era.

Stranahan, Susan Q. Susquehanna, River of Dreams. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993.

Sutherland, Hunter C. "A Brief History of the Bush River Friends Meeting of Harford County, Maryland." Maryland Historical Magazine, 77 (Winter 1982): 365-69.
Category: Religion | Harford County

Sutherland, Hunter C. "Biographical Sketch of George Washington Archer (1824-1907)." Harford Historical Bulletin 38 (Fall 1988): 104-15.

Sutherland, Hunter C. "Hanna Carter Hollingsworth's Diary, 1876-1882." Harford Historical Bulletin 46 (Autumn 1990): 78-90.

Sutherland, Hunter C. "The Nottingham Quarterly Meeting and the History of Early Friends in Harford County, Maryland." Harford Historical Bulletin, 40 (Spring 1980): 35-48.
Category: Religion | Harford County

Sutherland, Hunter C. The Little Falls Meeting of Friends, 1738-1988. Bel Air, MD: Historical Society of Harford County, 1988.

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