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Annotations / Notes: Upper and Lower Marlboro.

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Maryland State Planning Commission. Gazetteer of Maryland. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press, 1941.
Annotations / Notes: Perhaps the most thorough of all the geographic dictionaries, if you trying to identify a place in Maryland you will most likely find it in this Gazetteer.

Mason, A. Hughlett and William. F. Swindler. "Mason & Dixon: Their Line and its Legend." American Heritage, 15 (February 1964): 23-29, 93-96.

McCauley, Lois B. Maryland Historical Prints, 1752 to 1889: A Selection from the Robert G. Merrick Collection Maryland Historical Society and Other Maryland Collections. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1975.
Annotations / Notes: McCauley's is the major reference point for anyone researching Maryland prints. It is well illustrated, with descriptive text. This is as close as one comes to a union catalog for Maryland prints. This work should also be of interest to anyone seeking pre-photographic images of Maryland sites, as well as to map historians.

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